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The Reel Cowboys Salute Our Military

18th Annual Silver Spur Awards
    Front Cover
PAGE #    
01   Schedule of Events
02   Robert Lanthier's Speech
03   Legend of the Silver Spur
04   National Day of the Cowboy
05   UCP: United Cerebral Palsy
06   National Veteran's Memorial
07   In Honor of Service
08   Founder's Award: James Arness
09   Lifetime Achievement Award: Arvo Ojala
10   Lifetime Achievement Award: Glenn Strange
11   Silver Spur Honoree: Angie Dickinson
12   Wanted: Reel Cowboys
13   The Cowboy Code
14-15   Gunsmoke Collage (In Color)
15   A Very Special 'Thank You'
16   Full-Page Advertisement
(Tombstone Legends)
18   The Timeless Values of Western Classics
19   Full-Page Advertisement
(Mouse Graphics)
20   Half-Page Advertisements
(The Reel Cowboys of Hollwood / Michael Shanto)
21   Full-Page Advertisement
(Dodge City Wild West Fest)
22   Quarter-Page Advertisements
(Gunsmoke Belt Buckle / Suza Leon / JCiTech / Mark Weinger)
23   Business Cards
24   Comics - Page 1
25   Comics - Page 2
26   2015 Flyer / Mark Your Calendars for Next Year
27   Board of Directors / Event Staff / Event Supporters
28   Us Cowboys Wish to 'Greatly Thank'
    Past Honorees
    Back Cover


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