Darby HintonDarby Hinton
Darby was born in Santa Monica, California and made his acting debut at the age of 6 months. As a child actor, appeared in many commercials, films, and tv series but is most known for his role as Israel Boone in the 1964-1970 tv series, Daniel Boone with Fess Parker in the title role.

He attended high school at the American School in Lugano, Switzerland, and then went to college on the "World Campus Afloat Institute for Shipboard Education." This was a cruise ship that traveled the world to study different societies. He returned to California to continue his studies at Pepperdine University while continuing to make tv appearances. One of Darby's great interests is in the martial arts, and he is skilled in the JKD concept of fighting.

Darby is currently working on a proposed television series tentatively titled Hinton's Living History. The pilot episodDarby Hinton as Israel Boone in the 1964-1970 tv series, Daniel Boone.es follows him, his wife, and four children as they travel around the United States to experience history in different ways. Among other locations, he expects to cover Fort Fisher near Wilmington, North Carolina, Fort Boonesborough near Lexington, Kentucky, Jamestown, Virginia, and a ghost town in California. He is also working with producer Gail Calloway on a documentary which traces Daniel Boone's journeys.

Darby Hinton portrays Cole Younger in the 2018 film Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws.

Darby is a long-time friend of the Reel Cowboys and we are very glad to have him here with us at the 2018 Silver Spur Award show where he will present a Silver Spur award to his friend, Dawn Wells.

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