R.L. Tolbert, StuntmanR.L. Tolbert
R.L. Tolbert is an American stuntman. He has worked as a stuntman in many films: Such as The Shadow Riders (1982), Silverado (1985), Bonanza: The Next Generation (1988), Far and Away (1992), Tombstone (1993), Deadwood (2006), and many others. But is most-known for his work on Chain Reaction (1996), The Mask of Zorro (1998) and Wild Wild West (1999).

He got his start in 1965 as a horse-riding extra. He had answered an audition call following early-season rodeos in Arizona and found the going a bit easier after earning his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card in 1975. He could drive 6-up and 8-up horse wagons and was cast as a stagecoach driver, most notably in the HBO miniseries Deadwood. He went on to earn credits in 13 movies but found stunt work in 60 titles.

“It’s always hard to get into the movie business, because everybody wants in,” he says. “If there’s something you can do, and you can get along with people, you’ll be able to find work.”

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