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Please click on the images to see more info about that Member
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)  
John Agar - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Joseph M. Arpaio - Lifetime Member James Arness - Lifetime Member Ben Bates - Lifetime Member - Rest in Peace Christal Blue
John Agar Joseph Arpaio James Arness Ben Bates Christal Blue
(Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)
Bert Boeckmann - Lifetime Member Paul Boghossian - Recruitment Officer Ernest Borgnine - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Dulcy Brightman Wilford Brimley | Lifetime Member
Bert Boeckmann Paul Boghossian Ernest Borgnine Dulcy Brightman Wilford Brimley
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)     (Lifetime Member)
Ewing 'Lucky' Brown - Lifetime Member Peter Brown - Lifetime Member Frank Bruno - Lifetime Member Slim Callahan Harry Carey Jr. - Lifetime Member
Ewing Brown
Peter Brown Frank Bruno Slim Callahan Harry Carey Jr.
(Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Robert Caradine - Lifetime Member Dan Chuchian Sheriff Davis C. Clarke - Lifetime Member Roydon Clark - Lifetime Member | Rest in Peace Chuck Connors - Lifetime Member
Robert Carradine Dan Chuchian David Clarke
Roydon Clark Chuck Connors
  (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)
Carolyn Cook (Rest in Peace) Barry Corbin | Lifetime Member Erik Cord - Lifetime Member Guy Crawford Johnny Crawford
Carolyn Cook Barry Corbin Erik Cord Guy Crawford Johnny Crawford
(Charter Member)   (Lifetime Member) (Charter Member)  
Marcus Steven Damerst Jr. - Charter Member (Rest in Peace) Jan Damiano Michael Dante - Lifetime Member Devvy Davenport - Charter Member (Rest in Peace) Tom Davison
Marcus Steven
Damerst Jr.
Jan Damiano Michael Dante Devvy Davenport Tom Davison
  (Lifetime Member) (Charter Member)   (Lifetime Member)
Marvin Del Chiaro Angie Dickinson - Lifetime Member Lee Diebold - Charter Member Metce Diebold James Drury - Lifetime Member
Marvin Del Chiaro Angie Dickinson Lee Diebold
Metce Diebold James Drury
  (Lifetime Member)      
Finley Duke Barbara Eden - Lifetime Member Walker Edmiston (Rest in Peace) Beverly Erickson Cliff Erickson
Finley Duke Barbara Eden Walker Edmiston Beverly Erickson Cliff Erickson
(Board of Directors) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)  
Sharon Evans - Membership Director of the Reel Cowboys Richard Farnsworth  - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Ed Faulkner - Lifetime Member A.J. Fenady - Lifetime Member Dan Flanders
Sharon Evans
(Membership Director)
Richard Farnsworth Ed Faulkner A.J. Fenady Dan Flanders
  (Lifetime Member)     (Lifetime Member)
Kellee Flanders Rhonda Fleming - Lifetime Member Steve Foki Richard Forrest Anne Francis - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace)
Kellee Flanders Rhonda Fleming Steve Foki Richard Forrest Anne Francis
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)  
Morgan Freeman (Lifetime Member) Robert Fuller - Lifetime Member Teri Gamson James Garner - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Tony Gibson
Morgan Freeman Robert Fuller Teri Gamson James Garner Tony Gibson
  (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Matthew Greenwell  (Rest in Peace) Lou Gossett Jr. - Lifetime Member Barbara Hale - Lifetime Member (Rest in peace) Clifford Happy - Lifetime Member Marguerite Happy | Lifetime Member
Matthew Greenwell Lou Gossett Jr. Barbara Hale Clifford Happy Marguerite Happy
(Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)
Ty Hardin | 1930-2017 | Rest in Peace Ron Harder (Rest in Peace) Chuck Hicks - Lifetime Member Henry Holden - Rest in Peace Richard Herd - Lifetime Member
Ty Hardin Ron Harder Chuck Hicks Henry Holden Richard Herd
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Founding Member)
Bo Hopkins - Lifetime Member Robert Horton - Lifetime Member Rance Howard - Lifetime Member - Rest in Peace Whitey Hughes - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Eleni-Dayle Iversen - Founding Member (Rest in Peace)
Bo Hopkins Robert Horton Rance Howard Whitey Hughes Eleni-Dayle Iversen
Founder (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)    
JackĀ 'J.C.' Iversen - Founding Member (Rest in Peace) Teena Iversen - Lifetime Member Anne Jeffreys - Lifetime Member - Rest in Peace W.M. 'Yakima Bill' Johncox (Rest in Peace) Porky Johnson
Jack Iversen
Teena Iversen Anne Jeffreys W.M. Johncox
'Yakima Bill'
Porky Johnson
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Dick Jones - Lifetime Member L.Q. Jones Brent Kirkland Kris Kristofferson | Lifetime Member Martin Landau | 1928-2017 | Rest in Peace
Dick Jones L.Q. Jones Brent Kirkland Kris Kristofferson Martin Landau
(Charter Member)     (Lifetime Member)  
Robert Lanthier - Charter Member - President of the Reel Cowboys William Lashbrook Jeremy Joe Katherin Kovin-Pacino/Lashbrook Tom Laughlin - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace)
Robert Lanthier
William Lashbrook Jeremy Joe Larson Katherin Kovin-Pacino/Lashbrook Tom Laughlin
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)   (Honorary Member)
Michael Learned - Lifetime Member Ruta Lee - Lifetime Member Terry Leonard - Lifetime Member Jack Little Rich Little - Honorary Member
Michael Learned Ruta Lee Terry Leonard Jack Little Rich Little
(Founding Member) (Lifetime Member) (Buckaroo - Under 18)   (Lifetime Member)
Jon Locke - Founding Member Robert Loggia - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) 'Bear River' Josh Logue (Sidekick - Under 18 Years Old) Dr. Roland 'Rusty' Loudermilk (Rest in Peace) Trini Lopez - Lifetime Member
Jon Locke Robert Loggia Josh Logue
'Bear River'
Dr. Roland
Trini Lopez
  (Charter Member) (Lifetime Member)    
Angel Maker Mike Masters - Charter Member (Rest in Peace) Donna Martell - Lifetime Member Bill May Francis 'Mac' McHenry (Rest in Peace)
Angel Maker Mike Masters Donna Martell Bill May Francis McHenry
  (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Barbara McNair (Rest in Peace) Steve McQueen - Lifetime Member Rick 'Kid Lobo' Mendez Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Bob Minor - Lifetime Member
Barbara McNair Steve McQueen Rick Mendez
'Kid Lobo'
Mihaly Meszaros
Bob Minor
Board Member (Lifetime Member) (Sidekick) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Seza Mirzaian - Secretary of the Reel Cowboys John 'Big John' Mitchum - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Mark Moennig (Sidekick) Terry Moore - Lifetime Member Don Murray - Lifetime Member
Seza Mirzaian
John Mitchum
'Big John'
Mark Moennig Terry Moore Don Murray
(Charter Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)    
Arnold Musgrove - Charter Member (Rest in Peace) Hugh O'Brian - Lifetime Member - Rest in Peace Hugh O'Brian - Lifetime Member - Rest in Peace Danny 'Ramblin' Jack' O'Connell Janet O'Connell (Rest in Peace)
Arnold Musgrove Hal Needham Hugh O'Brian Danny O'Connell
'Ramblin' Jack'
Janet O'Connell
(Lifetime Member)   Board Member (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Arvo Ojala - Lifetime Member Buck Page (Rest in Peace) Frank Painter - Assistant Director of the Reel Cowboys Jack Palance - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Sarah Palin - Former Governor of Alaska - Lifetime Member
Arvo Ojala Buck Page Frank Painter
Assistant Director
Jack Palance Sarah Palin
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)      
Gregg Palmer - Lifetime Member Fess Parker - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Brooke Pattingill (Rest in Peace) Dan Payne Nikki Pelley
Gregg Palmer Fess Parker Brooke Pattingill Dan Payne Nikki Pelley
      (Lifetime Member)  
Rev. Marco Perez Art Perry Carol Ann Peterson Lou Diamond Phillips - Lifetime Member Louie Pichardo (Rest in Peace)
Marco Perez Art Perry Carol Ann Peterson Lou Diamond Phillips Louie Pichardo
  (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Sandra Piller Andrew Prine - Lifetime Member Stefanie Powers - Lifetime Member Elvis Presley - Lifetime Member Ronald Reagan (Rest in Peace)
Sandra Piller Andrew Prine Stefanie Powers Elvis Presley Ronald Reagan
(Board of Directors) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Rick Rogers - Music Director of the Reel Cowboys Katharine Ross | Lifetime Member Jane Russell - Lifetime Member Jeraldine Saunders - Lifetime Member John Schneider - Lifetime Member
Rick Rogers
(Music Director)
Katharine Ross Jane Russell Jeraldine Saunders John Schneider
(Board of Directors) (Lifetime Member)   (Charter Member)  
Charles Scott - Website Developer Walter Scott - Lifetime Member Edith Shain - Rest in Peace Michael Shanto - Charter Member James Sivazlian
Charles Scott
Walter Scott Edith Shain Michael Shanto James Sivazlian
    (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)  
Brent Slutsky Janet Slutsky William Smith Kevin Sorbo | Lifetime Member Joe Soto (Rest in Peace)
Brent Slutsky Janet Slutsky William Smith Kevin Sorbo Joe Soto
(Charter Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)
Robert Stephens Connie Stevens Stella Stevens Glenn Strange - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Bo Svenson
Robert Stephens Connie Stevens Stella Stevens Glenn Strange Bo Svenson
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)  
Buck Taylor - Lifetime Member Delores Taylor (Rest in Peace) Andrea Thompson R.L. Tolbert - Lifetime Member John Tracy (Rest in Peace)
Buck Taylor Delores Taylor Andrea Thompson R.L. Tolbert John Tracy
    (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)
Tom Troutman Richard Troy (Rest in Peace) Jon Voight - Lifetime Member Kaye Wade Robert Wagner - Lifetime Member
Tom Troutman Richard Troy Jon Voight Kaye Wade Robert Wagner
  (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)    
Dean Warner (Rest in Peace) Patrick Wayne - Lifetime Member Dennis Weaver - Lifetime Member (Rest in Peace) Micheline Webster Mark Weinger
Dean Warner Patrick Wayne Dennis Weaver Micheline Webster Mark Weinger
(Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member) (Lifetime Member)   (Lifetime Member)
Dawn Wells - Lifetime Member Johnny Western - Lifetime Member Stuart Whitman - Lifetime Member Jane Withers - Lifetime Member Morgan Woodward - Lifetime Member
Dawn Wells Johnny Western Stuart Whitman Jane Withers Morgan Woodward
    (Lifetime Member)    
Bob Yerkes Jeb Younger (Rest in Peace) Billy Zane - Lifetime Member    
Bob Yerkes Jeb Younger Billy Zane    


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